STUDENTS CIRCLE is a Tech & Cybersecurity Platform which aims to educate & aware people of the real Tech world.

From the Founder's desk-

"We have a dream of becoming a great Tech platform, join us in the journey".

Tech is evolving rapidly more than ever. AI is taking over. 
So, it's high time that we focus on real "Tech" instead of just focusing on Smartphones & Gadgets.
The world of Tech & Cybersecurity are related to each other, with the arrival of new technologies, new security flaws arise & people fall prey to cyber-attacks, scams etc.
The weakest part of any system is human, & unfortunately human can also get "hacked". In Infosec, we term Human Hacking as Social Engineering.
Your social media walls are the digital pages of your diary. Where you live? What do you eat? Which religion do you preach? Your social media site walls know it all.
Privacy is Power, there's a saying, "What you don't know, you can't destroy".

Anukiran Ghosh,



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