Cloning an Android App/Project from GitHub

If you're a beginner in Android App Development or even if you're a pro, sometimes you need to clone app source codes from Github.

So, here's a quick tutorial explaining how you can clone an Android App (Source Code) from GitHub.

First of all, you need to

download Git

& install it on your device, after you do so, open Android Studio (make sure it is updated).

After opening Android Studio, close the loading project, go to the Android Studio home page, on the bottom right corner, you'll get to see an option "Configure", then click on settings a new window will open. Under "Settings", you'll get to see many options, click on Git. Copy the location of the file where the Git file you downloaded is stored & paste it on the box "Path to Git Executable". You don't need to copy & paste, usually it automatically shows up, you need to click on Test, it'll display a message Ok.

Then close the New Window & open "Project from Version Control", then "Click on Git" then just copy & paste the GitHub repository, you want to import the project from.

Before performing all these actions make sure you have connected your GitHub account to Android Studio.

Here's a short tutorial video that can help.

Thanks for reading.

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