Dark Web & Deep Web

Deep Web & Dark Web is that part of the Internet which is not indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Dark Web

The web comprises of three parts-

  • Surface Web

  • Deep Web

  • Dark Web

Surface Web is the part of the Internet you visit daily. The websites visible in Google search results are from the surface web. According to Wikipedia, the surface web only consists of 10 per cent of the Internet, which means the rest 90 per cent consists of the deep web & dark web.

Deep Web is the password-protected part of the Internet. You can't visit the deep web without proper permission and authorization. For example, your Gmail account's inbox is a part of the Deep Web.

The dark web is also called "the hidden Internet". You cannot access the dark web using any normal browser.

To visit the dark web, you need TOR (The Onion Router) Browser.

Dark Web is a place on the Internet, where hackers sell breached data, illegal or pirated software, drugs etc.

Red Rooms are a live show, on the dark web, where people are tortured, and burned alive.

There are some myths about the dark web-

  • Some people believe, ghosts start haunting people visiting the dark web, which is not at all true.

  • It's not impenetrable- the government keeps track of people visiting the dark web & also monitor activities on the dark web.

  • Visiting Dark Web is Illegal- It's not illegal to visit the dark web unless you indulge in some illegal activities.

Safety measures to consider before visiting the Dark Web-

  • Use TOR with VPN.

  • Use a Virtual Machine.

  • Don't buy anything from the dark web.

  • Don't download anything from the dark web.

  • Enable the "No Script" option in your TOR Browser.

  • Don't share your private information on the dark web.

  • Don't maximize the size of your TOR window, it compromises your privacy.

  • Disable Javascript on your browser.

I don't recommend you to visit the dark web.

The History of Dark Web- Dark Net was found in 1970, to isolate networks from ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). Darknet addresses could receive data from ARPANET but did not appear in the network lists and would not answer pings or other inquiries.

Several social media sites like Facebook, also own a Dark Web version of their website.

The Hidden Wiki- It's a URL book of the popular websites present on the Dark Web. The dark web sites are protected by TOR protocol and are not visible or accessible without specific links or URLs. The URLs of dark web sites ends with .onion.

The Dark Web Search Engines- Google & Yahoo doesn't work for the dark web. There are search engines like DuckDuckGo, Torch, Candle etc.

Thanks for reading this blog post! Have a nice day.

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