FAU-G: Made in a "Hurry" Game

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

FAU-G (Fearless & United Guards) was announced just a few days after PUBG Mobile ban in India, by actor Akshay Kumar. The actor announced the game with its official poster & promised that 20% of the net revenue generated from the game will be donated to "Bharat Ke Veer".

The game poster received a massive troll & backlash from netizens, however, some people ignored it by saying "it's just a poster". The poster was copied from a YouTube Album "Collision of Innocence", it was also published in a US blog/website named "Fanatical Futurist", & surprisingly, the poster was available on Shutterstock for free. The poster was exactly copied or taken from Shutterstock & was poorly edited, lack of proper blending, & colour contrast, made it easier for people to find out the poster's reality.

nCore games later clarified that they bought the license of the poster from Shutterstock. So, it's really surprising that Shutterstock still made that picture available for free without any license label. The official game trailer was released on 25th October 2020 by nCore games-

"Good always triumphs over evil, the light will always conquer the darkness. May victory bless Fearless And United Guards, our FAU-G. Launching in November 2020! Happy #Dussehra".

The trailer wasn't well accepted by most gamers, because of the low-quality graphics. Usually, multiplayer games feature high-end graphics in the trailer which sets up the expectation, however, the quality of the in-game graphics varies from the trailer in terms of quality. The low-quality graphics of FAU-G trailer set down the expectations of people, some even commented, "If the trailer graphics are so awful, what can we expect from the game", while some ignored the fact, just because it's a "Made in India" game. The game name doesn't seem to be different from that of PUBG, which also triggered the copy-paste controversy. The story of the game was mistaken by people to be that of similar to PUBG Mobile, but nCore games clarified that it'll simply have episodes that'll help people know how Indian army functions, & make them aware of their courage, hardships & sacrifices. But nCore games played it safe & didn't eliminate the probability of a battle royale mode in the game.

On 30th November, nCore made FAU-G available for pre-registration in Google Playstore. It was found that Android devices with good specifications which could even run PUBG Mobile weren't compatible with FAU-G.

However, according to a sports blog, more than over 1.6 million people registered for FAU-G in Google Playstore in less than 24 hours, the news reported cited some unnamed 'sources' & also mentioned that there was no official news. The screenshots of the game characters attached in Playstore featured high-quality graphics contradictory to the trailer. Nothing can be concluded unless the game gets released for all. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile will also officially return in India, & if it returns anytime soon, does FAU-G stand a chance?

The game poster, name, trailer graphics, & pre-registration release makes me think of it as "Made in a Hurry" game. Can the "Made in India" tag help FAU-G to grow its userbase in India, irrespective of its drawbacks?

Thanks for reading this blog post! Have a nice day.

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