Get Amazon Prime Video Account for Free (UPDATED 2020, ONLY WORKING TRICK)

If you want to create an Amazon Prime Account for free. Watch the video embedded below & follow the tricks.



Amazon Spain-

Amazon Prime India-

Address Link-

Amazon Prime App-


Disclaimer- This blog post/tutorial is strictly made/written for educational purposes, please don't misuse it. I'll not be held responsible for its misuse.

You can Skip this- I'm writing this blog post, after my 20th attempt to connect to the Internet from my Desktop, I don't know whether, I'll be able to upload this or not, because whenever I try to upload something either there's Internet issue or sudden power cut.

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service just like Netflix, HotStar etc.

So, first of all, go to the official website of ProtonMail, create a FREE email account from there, then go to (the official website of Amazon Spain) & create an account there with the ProtonMail email address that you just created.

In the Amazon Spain website, you'll get to see an option "Translate to English", but don't translate the page to English for successful account creation.

Go to your ProtonMail account, to get the OTP that you just received from the official website of Amazon.

While creating a ProtonMail account, you don't need to provide your phone number & other personal details, just verify the CAPTCHA for verification process.

Just type in the OTP in the required field of the Amazon Website (don't copy & paste). Then you'll get to see an option "Try Prime", just below the Amazon Logo, click on it & enter all the details. In the address field, put the Real Madrid Address, the address link is embedded in this blog post as well, make sure you check that out. Now, the most important part of this tutorial is to generate Credit Card number & details to enter it on the website & get Amazon Prime Video for free!

Go to NamsoGen website, enter the BIN 4222290 & click on "Generate Cards", then copy & paste the card details in the website & there you go, you have successfully created an Amazon Prime Video Account.

But wait, there are some additional steps that you need to perform, to get the most out of your Amazon Prime Video account.

Go to & search for Amazon Prime Video & hit enter, click on the first link you get to see there (ignore ads), log in with the username & password of the account you just created, then click on the account icon, then "configurator", & change the language under the "idioma" tab present in the website.

This trick also works in the Android App.

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