Get Netflix Premium For FREE! 2020

DISCLAIMER- This blog post is strictly meant for educational purposes, I'm not responsible for your actions & its consequences, think & act logically.

There are many ways to get a Netflix Premium Accounts for Free.


Using this NetFlix mod apk, you will be able to access all the Netflix premium contents, whether it is a web series/tv series, movies, everything.

You'll get to see three download links after clicking on the above link (provided by me), click on the Green link (as shown in the screenshot below), download SV2, which means Stable Version 2. I'm writing this blog post, because I have received many request from my subscribers to upload a video on "How to access Netflix Premium Content For free?", but I'll not be able to upload any video related to this topic because it violates YouTube's Community Guidelines.

SECOND WAY- This is the official way, you don't need to download any third party apps to use this trick. Just download Netflix app from Google Playstore, open the app, create a new account, & you'll get to see a option to get trial at only Rs. 5, use your credit/debit card to pay Rs. 5 to Netflix & you'll be able to access all the premium content of Netflix for thirty days. Make sure, you cancel the subscription on the 29th day, so that you can use the same Credit Card again to pay Rs. 5 & get subscription (trial period) for another month.

When you perform this trick for the second time, remember to clear the App data/catche from your smartphone settings, then create a new account & implement this trick again,

THIRD WAY- Get a fake US credit card Details from this website & create a new account on, use the fake Credit Card details in & get a Virtual Netflix card from there, use the Virtual Credit Card Details to get FREE NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION (trial period for 1 month). Don't use the second trick here, because you cannot pay using these details.

Thanks for reading!


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