How finding fake Instagram account details work?

Updated: Jan 6

A few months back, I uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel on how to find details of any fake Instagram Account. I have made a total of three videos on this topic. In the first video, I have shared a way using which you can search for the target username through different social media sites I used the tool named "userrecon" in Termux. In this blog post, I'll explain how the tool works.

After cloning the tool from GitHub, when you execute/run the tool on Termux or your Kali Linux System, you'll get to see options like this:

Termux commands to run & install userrecon tool:

apt update && upgrade 
pkg update 
pkg install git 
git clone 
cd userrecon 
chmod +x userrecon 

The tool asks you to enter the target username, & as soon as you enter the target username & hit enter the tool immediately starts searching for the accounts with the provided username in different social media sites, when the link is not broken, it flashes up in the terminal 'Found!', when the link is broken, it shows 'Not Found!'. It provides you with a series of links, for example, if the target username is anukiranghosh, the results will be as follows:

Facebook: Not Found!

Twitter: Found!


Some people texted me on Instagram asking, how is this tool supposed to find details of the fake Instagram account, I think they didn't watch the full video or didn't pay attention. I have mentioned in the video, that this tool will search for accounts with the same username in different social media sites, you can visit the accounts if exists & you can have a rough idea of who the person is.

There are websites & YouTube videos which will ask you to visit a third-party website or download a tool, where you have to enter the Instagram username & you'll get all the details, trust me, all those websites & tools are fake, it's not easy to get complete details of any Instagram user unless you gain access to the account. Don't fall in such scams.

In the second video, I have shared a tool called 'Seeker', using which you can find the location of the target user, all the videos related to this blog post is attached below.

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