How Online Quiz Websites can be Hacked?

The trick, you'll get to know through this blog post, is not actually hacking. It is just a simple trick using which you can know the correct answer of the quiz (basically multiple choice quizzes) before answering them or clicking the answer/option/submit button.

This trick will only work on vulnerable sites. In this case by vulnerable sites, I mean sites in which the question & answer, both are being processed in the client side.

Now, you might be thinking, what is a client side code?

Well, a Client Side code is the source code of a web page which is downloaded on your web browser, when you load the specific web page.

So, if the question & the answer, both are stored & processed in the client side, i.e., on your web browser (which you have full control of), you can easily get the correct answer by checking out the source code of the website.

The above picture represents the source code of the website.

Many of you may know this trick, & many of you don't.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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