How to know the apps installed in Victim's Device? [WITHOUT TOUCHING]

Updated: May 21, 2020

DISCLAIMER- This blog post is strictly meant for educational purposes, kindly don't misuse it. I'll not be held responsible for your actions & it's consequences. Think & act logically.

Things you'll need-

1. Kali Linux Operating System (Kali 2019.4 or latest version Recommended)

Download Link-

2. Underhanded Tool (Coded by thelinuxchoice)

GitHub Download Link-

3. Basic Linux Skills-

Download Link- Oops, sorry, there's no download link for that learn from STUDENTS CIRCLE.

4. Ngrok- It's better if it's downloaded & pre-installed in your system, but you don't need to worry, even if it is not already installed, because the Underhanded tool will download it by itself.

Here are some of the features of Underhanded Tool-

1. You'll get to know the number whether a particular app is installed in the Victim's device or not.

2. You'll get to know the Victim's public IP Address.

3. You'll get to know the Victim's Device Model Number.

So, after you have all the above mentioned tools downloaded, we can begin.

Open your Kali Linux Operating System, go to your browser, open the GitHub link of the Underhanded Tool, copy the clone link. Then open your terminal & type in the following commands.

git clone cd underhanded bash

There are 10 options in total, you can select the app from the options & generate a link, which you need to send to the victim, in order to know the above mentioned details.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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