How to Spy any Android Smartphone with Spynote?

Spynote is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool), using which you can spy on victim's device & victim's activities.

DISCLAIMER- This blog post is strictly meant for educational purposes, please don't misuse it. I'll not be held responsible for your actions & it's consequences. Think & act logically. Respect other's privacy.

Using Spynote, you can track the following activities-

1. Access Camera

2. Access Media Files

3. Take Live Screenshot

4. Call anyone from Victim's device without any physical access

5. Track Victim's location

6. Record or listen to sound surrounding the victim's device

7. GPS Settings

8. Read/write/send WhatsApp messages

9. Get access to all the social media accounts logged in to the Victim's device.

10. Bypass Google Play Protect & get full control on the Victim's Android Device.

11. Watch live camera, focus on/off etc.

12. Keylogger Offline/Online.

I will not provide you with any download link of Spynote, you can download the crack version from Google for FREE. The UI (User Interface) of this software/tool is very simple, anyone with basic computer knowledge can use this software/tool. I'll soon upload a video regarding this topic on my YouTube Channel, so, stay tuned for that.

Only Spynote is not enough, to gain full access of the Victim's device, you need the following tools/softwares-

1. Java

2. JDK (Java Development Kit)

3. Spynote v5 or v6

Now you need to do Port Forwarding. You can easily do port forwarding without using any router by this method (the video attached below, does not belong to me, no copyright infringement intended, credits to respective owners).

Here are some important links-

1. Duck DNS

2. PortMap

After you have downloaded the tools/softwares & followed the above steps, we can now begin with the tutorial.

Open Spynote, there's a option called "Bind APK or Build APK", click on it, it'll ask you for the path to Java directory (which means the directory in your Computer system, where Java is stored, it is stored in Program Files in C Drive), so enter the directory & click on done, now you can build apk or bind that malicious apk with any other apk file, so that the victim doesn't get suspicious at all. Use your Social Engineering skills, send the apk file to the victim, when the victim will download the apk & install it on their Android Device, you'll get full access to the victim's device & the victim will never get to know anything about it.

You can monitor victim's activities using the Spynote tool itself.

You can also buy the official Spynote RAT from here-

If you perform the above mentioned steps, do it on your own risk. Using a Virtual Machine (in a Virtual Box) & a stable internet connection is recommended.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

Special Note from Author- Please don't ask me to hack any account/device etc.

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