Instagram Phishing Scam is hijacking accounts with high reach on the Platform

Instagram is one of the leading social media sites with more than over 1 billion monthly active users & 500 million daily active users. With the rapid growth in user base, security is one of the biggest concerns that both the user & the tech giant cares about.

But from the past few days or rather months, situations are quite different. There's a hacker/scammer group that is targeting accounts with high reach on the platform by using Instagram's DM feature. The attacker sends a link through DM to the target, claiming himself/herself to be from Instagram Support Team, the trick they use to make their target to click on the link they sent them through DM is pretty interesting. They ask the user to click on the link provided by them to resolve their copyright violation on the platform, they also add a warning along with the link threatening the target to resolve the copyright violation by clicking on the link as soon as possible, & if the target fails to do so their account will be terminated or temporarily suspended. No one with high reach on Instagram will like to lose their account, & because of the fact, the DM from Instagram Support looks genuine they easily fall for it & lose their account.

The link sent by them is a well-crafted phishing link.

If you receive any such DM-

  • Don't click on the link.

  • Don't reply to the DM.

  • Block the account from which you received the link as soon as possible.

If you have opened the link-

  • Try changing your password.

  • Mail Instagram Support from the email address associated with your Instagram account requesting reset password link.

  • Turn on 2-factor authentication beforehand.

Instagram Phishing Scam
Instagram Phishing Scam

Instagram Phishing Scam
Instagram Phishing Scam

Instagram Phishing Scam
Instagram Phishing Scam

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