My Story - Anukiran Ghosh 

"I'm determined to achieve my goals, no matter what comes in my way"

Hi, I'm Anukiran Ghosh, a Tech YouTuber, Blogger, App Developer & also an Ethical Hacker by passion. I started my YouTube channel back in 2018, when I was knowing nothing about Video Editing & YouTube Community Guidelines. The first video I uploaded on my YouTube channel was of a bug in Yahoo that allows anyone to login to user account without password. I found this bug while researching & while going through some of the Tech Blogs, it was a Zero Day Unpatched Bug, I tested it & found out that it was working, so I just recorded the screen in the process and just made a short video out of it, it was just a raw video, no editing, no voice over, nothing just a simple raw video. As I have mentioned earlier in this blog post, that back in 2018, I was not aware of YouTube Community Guidelines. This video was removed by YouTube after three months, it received more than about 100K views on YouTube, there were many more videos on my channel similar to this content which was removed by YouTube, so I removed those videos as well. YouTube gave a Community Guidelines strike on my channel, as the video I uploaded violated their Community Guidelines.

Basically when I joined YouTube, I was not knowing about the "Community Guidelines" of YouTube and my first uploaded video was of "A vulnerability (bug), that can let you hack any YouTube Account" & YouTube doesn't allow such videos on their platform. As it was removed by YouTube, I lost 100K views, many people unsubscribed me, I was almost broke, but I didn't stop, I started making good videos, increased my efforts, raised my editing quality, improved my speaking skills and I'm still trying to improve in every possible way. I also have a website/blog ( where I write blog posts, upload videos and apps created by me. Fortunately, my blog is monetized by Adsense. In my journey, I have met many people, some of them encouraged me, joined me by subscribing my channel, & some of them demotivated me. Haters gonna hate, my work is not to impress everyone, my goal is to inspire, so I don't give a fu** to what they think of me. With my skills, I have helped a lot of people.

I have helped a lot of people to secure their websites/accounts. I have also worked with Tech Raj (405K Subscribers on YouTube) as a Blog Writer on his blog (

I have worked with Tech Paradise (411K Subscribers on YouTube), he also worked as a blog writer in my blog. In present, I'm looking forward to learn and improve my skills, I'm determined to achieve my goal, no matter what comes in my way.

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