Should every kid in India need to learn to code?

If your child isn't learning to code, then is he/she lagging behind?

Should every kid in India need to learn to code?

From our childhood days, we have been told to focus on science, and pursue our career in science. Because science is seen as a superior subject or stream, people think that studying science will open a lot of opportunities for you shortly, and also there’s a stereotype that good students go for science, average students go for commerce and poor students usually go for arts or humanities, which is not at all true. There are a lot of students who have to take up science at their +2 level, even if they’re not interested in studying science at all, a lot of students end up in engineering colleges when they realize that engineering is not their passion. This is because of the wave created by the coaching institutes, and people in general. People think that if you’re not participating in the wave, then you’re lagging behind. That is why a lot of science students are actively or passively forced to study and prepare for JEE and NEET even if they don’t want to become an engineer or a doctor.

Similarly, there’s this new wave brought by some ed-tech startups, which is boosting this coding culture among kids, through toxic marketing and repetitive ads. The way these startups are portraying the wring picture as truth is hilarious. They say that technology is taking over the world, and if your child isn’t learning to code, then your child is definitely lagging behind.

Let’s face the reality, not all the kids will grow up to work on the coding or development sector, not all of them are going to be a billionaire or a millionaire, and not all the kids will get job offers from tech giants to write code.

Not every child in India should learn to code. It depends on the child whether he/she wants to learn coding or not, it shouldn’t be mandatory, it should a choice, an option.

Children should spend their childhood days exploring, playing outdoor games, making memories, & not be the nerd sitting in front of a computer randomly typing keys with false hopes.

I still remember I wrote my first piece of code in Java, when I was in class 8, as a part of academics. It was the hello world code and at present, I’m a first-year BSc. Computer Science Hons Student.

To learn something there are some steps, and if you skip the steps, you will not be able to learn that particular subject in general. So, if you want to learn to code, you need to know about the computer and it’s components first, and at the age of 4-5 years, it’s not logical enough to expect kids to know the computer and how it functions.

There’s no proper age to learn to code, you can start at the age of 20 or even 40. If you’re not learning to code, then you’re not lagging behind, but if you’re running out of age and time and not doing the right things as per your age, just to participate in the wave, in which everyone is participating, then you’re lagging behind.

If you want to learn python or any other programming language, all the resources are available for free, you don’t need to buy expensive courses to learn to code, you need to make use of the free resources available on the internet. Programming is something that you can learn on your own because it’s not just about writing code, it involves writing, debugging, editing and also messing up with the code.

Explore, learn and grow.

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