2020 was a very difficult year for most of us- the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden lockdown & plenty of other issues.

Recently on 12th December 2020, I received a Community Guidelines strike on my YouTube Channel for the video- "How to Find Details of Fake Instagram Account? 2020 Get Admin Details" under "harmful & dangerous content".

YouTube Community Guidelines Strike on STUDENTS CIRCLE

In the above-mentioned video, I have shared some ways to deal with fake accounts and fight against cyberbullying. The main thing/content of the video was the demonstration of an open-source Python tool that automates searching for a given username in different popular social media sites, which would ultimately help a user to find out some rough details about the fake account admin. This python script in no way promotes any illegal or harmful activity, a disclaimer was also added into the video's description claiming that it was strictly meant for educational purposes. I appealed to YouTube, they didn't remove the strike from my channel & they upheld their original decision even after explaining to them the purpose of the video. I even tagged Team YouTube on Twitter & tweeted explaining my side of the story, to which they replied asking for more details like video link & channel link, I provided them with all the details & they replied to me again after few minutes stating that they reviewed the video once again & they upheld their original decision.

I have also written a blog post about the tool I have shown in that video, you can read it here & please do let me know in comments whether you feel it incites some illegal/harmful activities or it helps you to fight against cyberbullying, at the end of the video, I mentioned that if someone's bullying or blackmailing you on social media, then please feel free to report it on the official portal of Cybercrime

Later, I received another email from YouTube stating that they removed another video of mine as it violates their Community Guidelines.

YouTube Community Guidelines Strike on STUDENTS CIRCLE

I did not even receive a Creator Monthly for December whereas all my fellow creators received their Creator Monthly with much fewer subscribers on their channel as compared to that to mine. Among the two videos removed- the first video received almost around 10k views & the second one received 6.6k views.

Please do subscribe the second channel for videos related to Tech, Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking, click here .

Thanks for reading this blog post, have a nice day!

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