Twitter strongly reacted against users being called out as "bots"

Updated: Jan 6

Some researchers claimed that more than half of the Twitter users/accounts tweeting about COVID-19 are bot accounts.

Recently a team of researchers from the University of Michigan published their research paper titled "Anatomy of a Rumour: Social Media & the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput". The research paper seemed trying hard to bring out a well-framed one-sided story to discredit the people & fans of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput by calling them out as "fake" or "bot accounts".

New Twitter Users claimed as "fake" & bot accounts by researchers.

The research paper was not well accepted by people. Later, the claim that the report was published under supervision of the University of Michigan was dismissed. According to a report published by OP India, the University of Michigan's spokesperson clarified through an email,

“This study was conducted while he was on leave. As a faculty member he has a website on the university’s domain where he is able to showcase his work".

Twitter strongly reacted against the theory of "bot accounts".

In a tweet, Twitter wrote,

"Just because an account doesn’t appear as advanced at using Twitter or disagrees with you, doesn’t mean the account is a bot".

Twitter also published a blog post on this topic to break down the concept of "bot accounts" & also to eliminate false claims.

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